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Welcome to the Wende and Harry Devlin Website!

Cranberry Halloween, Cranberry Thanksgiving, and Cranberry Christmas
are now avaialable at Purple House Press.


Old Black Witch!
by Wende and Harry Devlin

When Nicky and his mom buy an old New England house to turn into a tearoom, they are startled to find they must share the house with its resident troublemaker, Old Black Witch. "Boo! Scat, and Ratcha Fratch!" Old Black Witch calls out to all the tearoom visitors. Zooming about on her dilapidated broom, she manages to stir up plenty of fuss and excitement.

Yes, after several decades the blueberry pancake witch is making her return! Try your hand at serving her delightful blueberry pankcakes.

Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages, 7"x 10". $18.95


Cranberry Thanksgiving
by Wende and Harry Devlin

Every year Grandmother invited a guest for Thanksgiving dinner and allowed Maggie to do the same.

"Ask someone poor or lonely," she always said.

Thanksgiving was Grandmother's favorite day of the year. The cooking was done and her famous cranberry bread was cooling on a wooden board. But she wasn't happy to find out Maggie had invited the unavory Mr. Whiskers to dinner. Would her secret cranberry bread recipe be safe with him in the house?

After a long absence this delightful 1971 classic is back. So is the recipe!

Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 pages, 7"x 10". $18.95