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Cranberry Series

Cranberry Thanksgiving (1971)

Grandmother almost loses her secret recipe for cranberry bread to one of the guests she and Maggie invite for Thanksgiving dinner. Includes the secret recipe.



Cranberry Mystery (1978)

Maggie and Mr. Whiskers go in search of thieves who are stealing many valuable old things in Cranberryport.



Cranberry Halloween (1982)

On Halloween night the people of Cranberryport almost lose the money they have raised to build a new dock.



Cranberry Christmas (1984)

Mr. Whiskers faces a gloomy Christmas until Maggie and her grandmother help him straighten out his houseand find the deed to the nearby pond.



Cranberry Valentine (1986)

Maggie, her grandmother, and the sewing circle make Cranberryport a brighter place for Mr. Whiskers when they send him secret valentines.



Cranberry Birthday (1988)

On his birthday, Mr. Whiskers has one calamity after another until the residents of Cranberryport step in to save the day. Includes a recipe for strawberry cake.



Cranberry Summer (1992)

Through their hard work at the Fourth of July celebration, Maggie and Mr. Whiskers are able to provide a home for a lost donkey. Includes a recipe for cranberry punch.



Cranberry Autumn (1993)

When Grandmother and Maggie help organize an antique sale in Cranberryport, Mr. Whiskers feels useless until he helps Grandmother make a big profit.



Cranberry Easter (1993)

Mr. Whiskers realizes something must be done, but what? Just when things look their worst, his young friend Maggie comes up with a plan that may save the egg hunt, and convince Seth that Cranberryport is the place for him after all!



Tales from Cranberryport: Moving Day (1994)

When a new family moves in next door, Maggie, Grandmother, and Mr. Whiskers help them feel at home.



Tales from Cranberryport: Trip to the Dentist (1994)Even though he has a toothache, Mr. Whiskers does not want to go to the dentist, ntil Maggie and Grandmother show him that there is no reason to be afraid.




Tales from Cranberryport: Maggie has a Nightmare (1994)

After being frightened by several experiences one day, Maggie has a bad dream, but Grandmother helps her feel less afraid.



Tales from Cranberryport: New Baby in Cranberryport (1994)

When her mother has a new baby, Annie fears everyone has forgotten about her, but Grandmother and Mr. Whiskers help her remember that she is loved as well.

Tales from Cranberryport: Lost at the Fair (1995)

When little Tommy gets separated from his mother at the Cranberry Fair, Maggie and Mr. Whiskers go up in a hot air balloon to help find him.



Tales from Cranberryport: First Day of School (1995)

Mr. Whiskers helps Chloe adjust to the first day in kindergarten.