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Children's Books

For over 30 years (1963 - 1995), Wende and Harry Devlin delighted children with their beloved Cranberry and Old Witch series of tales, along with an assortment of other books. Their first book, Old Black Witch, was published among a swirl of controversy.

In the early 1960's, some doctors and teachers believed that any realism or negativity in children's books would cause irrepable harm to young minds. Harry referred to this time period as "the era of angel fluff". Old Black Witch, along with the other books created by the Devlins, tackled real life problems and solved them in the end.

Some of the books contained more than just a happy ending at the end of the book. Many featured recipes that pleased children and adults alike. Click here to view some of the delicious recipes that appear on the back of these books.