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Individual Books

The Knobby Boys to the Rescue (1965)




To Grandfather's House We Go: A Roadside Tour of American Homes (1967)

Presents 22 styles of American homes popular at various periods in our history.



Aunt Agatha, There's a Lion Under the Couch (1968)




What Kind of House is That? (1969)

Full-page color drawings accompany brief histories of various buildings, from fun house to outhouse, demonstrative of nineteenth-century American architecture and society.



What's Under my Bed? (1970)


Tales of Thunder and Lightning (1975)

Fifteen tales from many lands explaining nature's phenomena: thunder, lightning, and rain.

Portraits of American Architecture (1989)

The Trouble with Henriette (1995)

Thinking that Henriette the truffle hound has lost her sense of smell, Jolie's grandfather plans to get rid of her, until she proves her worth in a fancy restaurant in Paris.